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Cookies policy

What is cookie?

Cookies are small files which can be stored on Your computer while You are visiting any webpage.
Those files are used to make Your experience better while You visit certain webpage, for example, by saving information about Your interface preferences. This way it is more comfortable for You while visiting the same webpage once more.

What kind of cookies, for what purpose and when coookies are placed by Adbox?

We are using cookies named “bx” to show advertisements on our partners’ pages, depending on user interests and data (such as age and gender). Cookies are also used to avoid showing the same advertisements to the same user repeatedly.
Cookies help us to collect information about accomplishment of differend kind of advertising solutions.

Adbox cookies are placed at the moment advertisements from domain are shown on our partner’s page.

Depending on the term, Adbox placed cookies remain in a computer as long as those are deleted by the user or their expiry date has come.

Information collected by cookies does not contain any personal data and can’t be used to identify certain user.

Managing cookies

You have an opportunity to block or delete cookies in the settings of Your browser.
Thereby there will be some advertising functions disabled when cookies are blocked or deleted. You will see advertisements anyway, the difference is You will see ads based on general information.

Cookie Policy Can Be Changed!

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