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A reliable partner
in the field of digital advertising!

What is Adbox?

Since its launch in 2014, Adbox has become a successful and rapidly growing digital sales house in Latvia, taking a stable position in the Internet advertising market.

Grafiska Latvijas karte

Adbox benefits

  • Stable and reliable partners of high quality content.
  • Strong technological banner-serving platform.
  • Wide range of supported ad formats – Standard ads, Rich media, Video, Mobile.
  • Experienced team that is able to find a solution according to the advertiser’s needs.
  • Convenient and transparent billing system.

What do we offer?

For Partners

  • Platform which will help to get revenue from all available inventory.
  • Simple payment system.
  • Technical and sales support.
  • More…


For Advertisers

  • Wide range of advertising solutions.
  • Development of unique custom solutions in a short time.
  • Wide range of targeting options.
  • Real-time statistical reports.
  • More…

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